50 Things Project: Ready for Field Testing

You still with me?

TAKES ABOUT AN HOUR: Holly and I sat down and went through the inventory. It took us about 15 minutes to take it, and then we spent another 35 or 40 minutes going over it (which involved a lot of laughter and comments like, “Oh my gosh…. I didn’t even THINK of that!!!”) She scored 117 on what she knows about me.
I scored 109 on what I know about her. This gave us a total score of 226.
ARE THERE 50+ COUPLES OUT THERE WHO WILL TAKE IT? I’m thinking that if at least 50 couples will go through this and let me know their scores, then I’ll know… I’ll know… heck… I don’t know what I’ll know. But I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to tell something. Would you please forward this to other couples whom you think might get a kick out of it?
  1. Download and print two copies of the inventory (one for you and one for your spouse or significant other.
  2. Fill it out and score it.
  3. Report your scores in the comment section of this blog (PLEASE NOTE: I’ve changed my settings so You don’t have to have a google account to leave comments, and you can leave comment anonymously.)
  4. If you are willing, would you also rate your marital satisfaction on a scale of 1 to 10? (1 = I’d rather be force-fed twinkies than spend another day with this person . 10 = Heaven couldn’t possibly be better than my marriage)
  5. Leave any comments and suggestions regarding what it was like to actually take the inventory.

Here’s how to report in order to make it most useful to me:

  • His score = 110
  • Her score = 127
  • Total score = 237
  • Marital Satisfaction = 7
  • Comments: Sometimes we had to admit that the other’s answer was more right about us than what we thought about ourselves (and we gave 3 points for the answer). Sometimes we had trouble coming up with the correct answer about ourselves.

Thanks for hanging in with me on this!

P.S. Them danged flowers are back… why doesn’t the outline/bullets feature work? Its shows up correctly when I’m writing….


About Wes Eades

I've been a pastoral counselor, marital therapist, and overall listening ear since about 1989 or so.
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10 Responses to 50 Things Project: Ready for Field Testing

  1. Anonymous says:

    This is a test comment from me (Wes).. wanting to see if I can leave an anonymous comment… Since its anonymous, maybe I’ll tell you about that incident with my Dad’s car when I was 14… He still doesn’t know how that happened….

  2. Anonymous says:

    His score = 127

    Her score = 129

    Total score = 256

    Marital Satisfaction = 5

    Comments: Taking the inventory was fun and we laughed a lot at how often the other person knew us better than we knew ourselves. Also interesting was how competitive we were trying to outscore the other. My husband pointed out that we scored higher than our therapist and his wife….hmmmm…wonder what that means???

  3. loreelle says:

    i am SO excited about this – i fear i will be forwarding this survey, though, as my “S.O.” and i have only been dating for four months. (does that answer your question?) πŸ˜‰

  4. Practical Spirituality says:

    Anyone who scores higher than their therapist probably cheated.

  5. Leslie says:

    I am the sucker that will be completing this quiz sent from loreele…..Her baby sister, master of marriage disaster…lol…see you soon with scores:)

  6. Anonymous says:

    his: 116
    hers: 118
    total: 234

  7. Leslie says:

    Well, my score was 116; Joe’s score was 107 for a total of 223! Marriage satisfaction 8.5…that was fun!

  8. Anonymous says:


    hers: 118

    marital satisfaction:7-8, depending on the day

  9. Anonymous says:

    His 102
    Hers 122
    Total 224

  10. Jennifer says:

    Hers 128
    His 128
    Total 256

    Marital happiness 7.5ish


    Number 8 and 28 seem to ask the same question.

    We both felt #44 was very limiting. How can you sum up your spouse’s description in just one word?

    Another interesting piece of identifying information to ask would be how long a couple has been married or involved in the present relationship. Along the same lines would be at what age they entered the relationship.

    The question about which celebrity my spouse would most like to be was kinda silly to us. I’m not sure we have ever discussed wanting to be anyone other than ourselves. We both took wild guesses. Of course, it was fun discussing it. Come to find out, he agreed with me. He does like the idea of being Harrison Ford. How else could you be Indiana Jones AND Han Solo?? (Do I get double punches on my geek card for this one?)

    I had no idea he cares which way the toilet paper comes off the roll.

    S suggested another question for you: What is your partner’s unfulfilled sexual fantasy? Even if you get the query wrong, it could be lots of fun figuring out the right answer. πŸ™‚

    Taking the inventory was time very well spent! Lots of laughter and smiles. We forgot how much we knew about one another..the good stuff you learn along the way. Thanks so much~


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