A Quote from Gerald May

“This transformative process — The freeing of love from attachment — is akin to the ancient biblical concept of salvation. … In contrast to life -denying asceticism that advocates freedom from desire, [Saint Teresa of Avila] and [Saint John of the Cross] see authentic transformation as leading to freedom for desire. For them, the essence of all human desire is love.”

Gerald May, The Dark Night of the Soul: A Psychiatrist Explores the Connection Between Darkness and Spiritual Growth, 2004, p. 73

Sacrificial love
—–is not something we achieve
———-on our own
—–as if it were a college degree
—–or a merit raise.

Sacrificial love…
—–it is patient
———-and kind.
—–it knows no envy
———-nor pride,
—————nor selfishness
—–it is full of trust
———-and hope
———-and perseverance.

We might taste it,
—–but we cannot live it,
———-unless we are transformed.
———-unless our love is transformed,
—————from a grasping
——————————attachment to self,
—–to a free-falling trust into the Ground of all True Love
———-who comes to us in the vulnerability of a little baby
———-and in the sorrow of shattered body,
—————naked and bleeding,
——————–on a cross.

No one lives this Love apart from transformation.



About Wes Eades

I've been a pastoral counselor, marital therapist, and overall listening ear since about 1989 or so.
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5 Responses to A Quote from Gerald May

  1. Emily says:

    “No one lives this love apart from transformation….”

    How about… No one lives transformational love apart from PURPOSE.

    Purpose defines both sacrificial love and the process of transformation.

  2. Calicorizzo says:

    Wow, Wes. Leave it as it is. I think I understand what you are saying. I feel an ache when I read it…

  3. Anonymous says:

    I keep coming back to this. Everytime I read it I see something more…that process of transformation is so frightening and so incredibly painful…losing what is most precious to us and what defines our very self so that we can free fall into His love…

  4. Emily says:

    Lose your life to find it…

  5. Emily says:

    oh yeah… and make sure you have a good psychotherapist to help you find your way.

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