Want to help with a Waco Trib story?

Regina, a reporter with the Waco Tribune-Herald, called me today to discuss the Mental Health Parity Act that was tacked on to the recent financial bail-out package passed by our esteemed congresspersons.  I am now officially terrified that my conversation with her, which I’m certain was filled with wise and clever statements, will simply look stupid if any of it makes it to print.  Please… if any of it makes it to print… and I look stupid… try to imagine me actually being wise and clever… deal?

HOWEVER, Regina is interested in talking to persons who’ve needed to access mental health services, such as psychotherapy.  She wants to know what people have experienced regarding the cost, and to what degree their insurance has helped, or not.

I did tell her that I’m always skeptical when the government says, “We’re here to help!”  And I told her that I hoped persons with a stake in this issue would actually study the details of the plan to see if this is something that can truly be helpful (as opposed to the sort of grandstanding that occasionally occupies public servants).

But you may actually be able to help by sharing your real life experiences.  I assume that Regina will not need to have personal info from you.  So, if you’d like to add your experiences to the mix as a way of educating the public, please call Regina at 254-757-5755.

By the way, Regina came across my name when she googled “Waco Mental Health” and got a hit on our little organization, The Waco Foundation for Mental Health Care.


About Wes Eades

I've been a pastoral counselor, marital therapist, and overall listening ear since about 1989 or so.
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