Spanking: Hey, I turned out okay, didn’t I? DIDN’T I???

Note: On on January 11, 2009 I began facilitating a parenting class for DaySpring, the church I attend in Waco.  I’m going to be offering some of what I’m doing there in this space over the Spring.

This morning, in the class, I’ll be passing out a copy of Mark Brady’s post on spanking, along with selective comments on his post (read, ONLY THE ONES I AGREE WITH — not really…)

This may be the only topic in the universe on which I have some disagreement with Dr. Brady.  This is very disturbing to me, since my personality type demands that everyone I admire think exactly the same way I do (Barney to Otis, “I shudder to think what you just revealed about yourself!”)  But I digress…

My view has long been that a swat on the bottom can be a very effective “tool” for parenting, so long as the child is ALWAYS given the opportunity to avoid the swat.

Many people, it seems, react to any openness to spanking with an assumption that its almost bound to turn in to something like this: Texas Coach Struck Student 21 Times With Paddle. (Thank you, Jenn, for putting me on to this one.) I must admit, when I read some of the comments to this story, I wonder if our culture is doomed….

Perhaps the fundamental question is, “Do mature parents ever spank their children?

As always, I’ll appreciate your comments.



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I've been a pastoral counselor, marital therapist, and overall listening ear since about 1989 or so.
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One Response to Spanking: Hey, I turned out okay, didn’t I? DIDN’T I???

  1. Keith and Teresa Reid says:


    I think it’s okay to spank a child out of discipline, but not out of ANGER.

    In today’s crazy world, it’s scary to discipline your own children for fear of being turned in to CPS.

    Personally, my children are at an age (16 and 10) where I think they are too old for spankings. Taking things away from them seems to be very effective in our home.

    I remember getting tons of spankings with a belt as a child. I think I turned out okay too!

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