In Honor of Dorothy

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My Balcony Person:  Dorothy
by Judy Filer

I have been blessed all of my life by the presence of my godmother, Dorothy.  Although I am an Episcopalian and Dorothy is a Presbyterian, the church allowed her to become my godparent when I was baptized and confirmed at the age of 12.  She was the person I wanted most because she already had influenced me.

Dorothy is a lovely person, inside and out.  She is smart, articulate, and loving.  But her greatest gift is hospitality.  She is the epitome of the woman described in Proverbs 30.  She keeps a beautiful home with an open door.  Her gardens bloom cheerfully throughout the year.  She is a great cook.

As I was growing up we spent Christmas Eves at Dorothy’s, with a group of other close friends.  Her Santa Claus collection grew every year, and her home always expressed the beauty of the season.  The table was set in a way that sparkled, and every guest found a small wrapped gift on the dinner plate.   Those Christmas Eves were magical and remain among my best memories.

When I graduated from high school, Dorothy hosted a celebratory luncheon for my friends and me.  The luncheon was in her backyard.  She filled her garden with daisies, my favorite flower.They were everywhere!  All of my friends and I left with gifts and with the strong impression from Dorothy that we were very special people.

Over the years, Dorothy’s deep love has extended to my husband and my daughter.  She provided my daughter with her favorite Dolly (of course the one from Dorothy would be the favorite).

Two years ago, Dorothy’s husband died.  He had suffered a debilitating stroke seven years before.  For all those years, Dorothy had nurtured him at home.  When I asked how she did it, she said,  “With God’s help. He really does help you, you know.”

Dorothy has been my encourager from the beginning.  My first job after college, as a case worker in a D.C. congressman’s office, came about because of her.  She is the loveliest person I have ever known because God’s love shines through her.  I’ll bet other people have similar stories about how Dorothy has been the encourager in their lives.  I am so thankful for her influence in my life.

Rev. Judy Filer is an Episcopal priest in Central Texas.


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I've been a pastoral counselor, marital therapist, and overall listening ear since about 1989 or so.
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2 Responses to In Honor of Dorothy

  1. Karen says:

    What a sweet story about a lovely friend! How blessed you are indeed. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Georgia says:

    Judy, I loved your story! I now have some new insight into your own loveliness.

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