In honor of my mother-in-law, Miriam

This post is part of an on-going series on the Balcony Persons in our lives.

In Honor of Miriam by Patty Williams

People like to joke about mothers-in-law, but mine is my balcony person.  Miriam Caldwell Williams was 50 years old when she was suddenly called home to our Lord.  I was still a young woman, married to her son, Ralph, when she left us.

Miriam was a beautiful Christian example both inside and out.  As I began dating her son, she drew me in to their family.  She insisted on my presence at dinner each evening.   She always invited me to church with them.

In the few short years we were blessed to have her I never heard Miriam utter a profane word.  She was a registered nurse, and when I was going through 22 hours of hard labor she was by my bedside.  Family and friends had gathered right outside the labor room.  I won’t say that I always watched my language as carefully as Miriam, but I certainly would have never cussed in front of her!  However, when a woman in pain has enough drugs in her to knock out a small elephant, she isn’t always a picture of sweetness.

A gossipy relative came in to check on me and returned to the audience in the hall to announce there was a stream of “OH SHITS!” coming from the bed.  My very proper mother-in-law went to the door and declared, “If ever there’s a time for a young woman  to be cussing, NOW is that time!  All of you should just shut-up!”

When that child first entered the world, we had no rocking chair.  That is, until Miriam had a rocking recliner delivered to our front door.  Over the next 10 months, when she came for a visit, I would open the pantry door and find at least one shelf stacked with jars of baby food.  Miriam was our angel of strained peas and sweet potatoes.

Miriam was the rock of her family, and it never dawned on me that my time with her would be so brief.  I never had the chance to draw deeply from the well of her cooking skills and homemaking tricks, nor from the wisdom gained from her gracious love for our Lord.

When I think of her I am reminded just how often we should tell our love ones what they mean to us.  Thank you, Miriam, for filling an empty place in me with the warmth of love and acceptance.

Patty Williams is a salt-of-the-earth country woman from Lockhart, Texas.  She is married to Ralph, who has a few pet cows and calls himself a rancher.


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  1. s says:

    What a sweet tribute. Love it!

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