Upcoming Course: 10 Crazy Relationship Rules

Course: 10 Crazy Relationship Rules

Where: St. Paul’s Episcopal Church (Waco, TX)

When: Sundays, beginning January 8, 10:00  – 10:45 a.m.

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church has graciously invited me to spend a few more weeks teaching during the Sunday School hour.  After having spent some wonderful time discussing parenting with these fine folks on Sunday morning, I’ll now be turning my attention to marriage, and relationships in general.  St. Paul’s welcome all members of theWaco community to participate.

Shortly after Letterman popularized his Top Ten lists, books and magazine articles began to follow suit.  You can now find lists of the top ten books of top ten lists.

Of course, I could never admit that I was just following the crowd, and the evidence is sketchy that Letterman actually got the idea from me, so I’ll just have to present my list and let you think what you will.

Here it is:

10. If you love me, you’ll read my mind.

9.  It is your job to make me happy.

8.  Its your job to broker my relationship with other people (especially with YOUR family).

7.  Whenever a stalemate has been reached, the next person to speak loses.

6.  If I don’t get one, then you shouldn’t get one.

5.  Affection and/or sex will solve anything.

4.  We must be joined at the hip.

3.  Nothing can be resolved until blame has been properly assigned.

2.  If you are different from me, you are either wrong, stupid, or insane.

1.  If I’m not sure I can get love, then it’s okay to go for control.

You are welcome to join me in unpacking these “rules” over the next several weeks, beginning January 8.


About Wes Eades

I've been a pastoral counselor, marital therapist, and overall listening ear since about 1989 or so.
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